Caring for our Surrounding
by Buying Responsibly

At Burpac we recognise our responsibility to avoid producing pollution, as well as our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment we live in. We are committed to buying responsibly and take positive action to reduce our impact.

We comply with all the current legislation and where ever possible endeavour to act in anticipation of future legislation that will be introduced. Our environmental programme is based around the hierarchy of reduce, and reuse.

Raw Materials

Paper – To use recycled paper products where possible within the constraints placed by legislation regarding Food Contact.
When using paper that contains virgin fibre, we will try to ensure that this fibre has come from a sustainable source which is suitably managed and where possible certified by a Forestry Management Scheme.

Chemicals – To use products which give the required performance but with the lowest environmental impact during manufacturing and afterwards in use.

Packaging – To use packaging which will protect our products from abuse and contamination whilst maintaining the lowest environmental impact.


We endeavour to make sure we source products from manufacturers that reduce waste within the manufacturing processes and cut down the waste generated by administrative functions. Any waste produced should be recycled, reused and whenever possible being environmentally and safely disposed of.